Pierre Gautier

Welcome to my portfolio

Hi, I'm Pierre, an ambitious, passionate, curious and motivated student
in international business.

I'm with you in your company to bring you the best.

What I've done in my professional life:

  • Groupe Tribouillet (wine shops) : Seasonals jobs for Christmas. Welcoming customers, checkout, advice for clients.
  • Hertz Corporation (car renter) : Customer relationship, sales prospection, accouting and manager assistant. .
  • About my education:

  • (2013-2016) Marceau High School, A level with mention.
  • ( 2016-2021) European Business School Paris.
    Second year of a five year master degree program with international accreditations
  • About my Digital Expedition in San Francisco, at the Inseec Institute:

  • Coding class by Melody Serra.
  • Digital Marketing with Andreas Ramos.
  • Bay Area Ecosystem, History& Values of the Silicon Valley by Lene Schulze.
  • Start Up methodology by Ryan MacCarrigan.
  • Events at Apple, Google in the Silicon Valley, Stanford University too.
  • I'm passionate about:

  • Playing piano (gratuated from the Regional Conservatory of Music).
  • Traveling.
  • Testing Wine: leader of an oenology association at EBS.
  • Driving Cars.
  • Hunting.
  • How I see my future:

  • Working for a famous international company abroad with my family.
  • Being Rich.
  • Discover all the world and all the civilisations.
  • Going back to San Francisco!
  • Helping people in needed. Already a past in volunteering in Texas, Meals on Wheels organisation.

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    Thanks for watching!
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